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Season 3, Episode 18: Entrepreneur Lindsey Davidson from LENNY: How to Start a Business and Brand During COVID.


Lindsey Davidson was laid off in March due to COVID and decided to start an apparel business, pursuing her love of fashion in a field where she had experience both selling and creating. Her brand, LENNY  has taken off in a sustainable and scaleable way, leveraging social media, personal connections and manageable capsules that both generate revenue and help define the direction of the business.
It seemed that as COVID lingers, the economy continues to behave in strange ways and employment changes, talking with a young entrepreneur who broke through a barrier in her own life as changed happened to her was a good place to come back after a summer hiatus.
LENNY can be found below, and Kickasspirational listeners get 20% off with the code: LENNY20
(@withlovelenny on Instragram)
Lindsey would love to help you create custom apparel if you're not finding something that works for you in a current capsule. I had her create a shirt/jacket that is incredibly soft but looks like a jean jacket with a navy dye. Let Lindsey help you create a custom piece that's insanely Kickasspirational!
Enjoy the ride and break through some barriers of your own this week! Whatever you do, #BeKickasspirational!!!
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