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Season 3, Episode 21: Emotional Intelligence with Noble Gibbens and How EQ Transforms Lives.


Nobel Gibbens has a long history of success in the military, as an entrepreneur and with his family, but something snapped last year. He and his wife, Kathy learned to see, map and understand their own emotional lives which has helped them manage their own trauma, behave differently and be in better, healthier relationships.
Since February, Noble and Kathy have launched EQ for Entrepreneurs, which is really for anyone who wants to dig into their own triggers and feelings, learn to own them and deliberately create the emotional context of their lives. They now have a podcast, eight-week training course and video series that is used by the military, business leaders and is being applied more broadly (link below).
You can also find Noble and Kathy under EQforEntrepreneurs on social media and YouTube. Great discussion that fits with people who are being Kickasspirational in a difficult time and breaking through barriers of their own. #BeKickasspirational 
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