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Season 5, Epsiode 8: Grabbing the Bag, an Unusual Discussion with Rob Bell About Money, Our Mindsets about It and How it Shapes Our Lives

May 11th, 2022

Season 5, Epsiode 8: Grabbing the Bag, an Unusual Discussion with Rob Bell About Money, Our Mindsets about It and How it Shapes Our Lives

“Who are you and why are you here?” Is one of the most important and fundamental questions each person has to answer each day. Our relationships and mindsets around money tell a lot about us and how we live our values.


Best-selling author, Rob Bell, shares ancient wisdom about the necessary tensions of money in our lives, how to navigate it and why he thought it was important to generate a new audiobook about it titled, “Grabbing the Bag” in this interview with David Vanderveen,


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Season 5, Episode 7: How a Simple Budget and Financial Plan Can Transform Your Life

April 29th, 2022

Money fuels much of our ability to function. It fuels many of our dreams. In this episode, David Vanderveen, presents a summary overview of the importance of having a financial plan, which doesn’t have to be complicated, that provides a budget, ways to get out of debt and how to prioritize resources to build the future we want.


Following are links to different resources that David Vanderveen references in this episode:


The Overview on Personal Finance, Budgets, Debt and Investing from Customize Your Life:


Best Budgeting Apps:


The Restart Roadmap with Jason Tartick and How to Find Ultimate Fulfillment

April 13th, 2022

Jason Tartick was a senior vice president in banking when he realized that despite career success, he was headed down the wrong path. After giving up his career to pursue reality television on The Bachelorette, Jason realized that he didn’t have to accept a corporate path to create the life he really wanted.


In this podcast, Jason talks about his new book, The Restart Roadmap and eight simple steps to assess, define and pursue a life that can lead to deep joy. He and David Vanderveen also talk about how to manage personal finances, debt and investing to make these major life transitions possible as well as the best advice he’s received on his podcast Trading Secrets.


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Season 5, Episode 5: How an Obsession with Ketogenic Snacking Led Manuel Zeller to Start a Business that Created the Best Tasting Protein Bar on Earth.

March 26th, 2022

Season 5, Episode 5: How an Obsession with Ketogenic Snacking Led Manuel Zeller to Start a Business that Created the Best Tasting Protein Bar on Earth.


Manuel Zeller is an Austrian entrepreneur who built a business around his passions for eliminating sugar from modern Western diets while still satisfying his sweet-tooth cravings and snacking habits.


In this episode, David Vanderveen and Manuel explore the power of ketogenic diets, how to break through bad habits to transform what we eat and our lives with fun snacking hacks that make the experience enjoyable. Part of this discussion also covers how Manuel’s and David’s mutual obsession for sugar alternatives led them to co-create the Perform Bar for ItWorks International.


Manuel Zeller on FaceBook:


Perform Bar:



Season 5, Episode 4: Getting Out of Our Way with Dai Manuel.

March 23rd, 2022

Dai Manuel didn’t have to hit rock bottom to know that he needed to make a change in his life. What he didn’t know was that making one significant change would lead to personal transformation, like a string unwinding a sweater he didn’t want to wear anymore.

If we assume that change is certain, then Dai believes that perhaps we ought to be champions of change. The problem is that we need clarity to take action.

David Vanderveen and Dai Manuel explore the four big questions that we all must answer to follow our bliss, take the hero’s journey and start on the path of personal transformation:

  1. Can I do this?
  2. If I do this, will it work?
  3. Is it worth it?
  4. Do I have a community and mentorship to help me accomplish it?

Dai Manuel is a super dad, dating his wife, who leads by example. He is an award-winning digital thought leader and author, Distinguished keynote speaker, former partner and Chief Operating Officer of a successful retail company, and a sought-after lifestyle mentor and executive performance coach. He models his work based on five F’s: Fitness, Family, Faith, and Finances with an overarching roof of FUN. His community helps people transform their lives.







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Season 5, Episode 3: Six Mental Muscles that Unleash the Subconscious with Sabrina Scheuerling.

March 16th, 2022

The concrete world outside our bodies is concrete, results are easy to measure and we can see, touch, smell and taste it. We often hear how the interior work inside us unleashes extraordinary exterior results, but where is this elusive and abstract “inside?”
Sabrina Scheuerling shares her remarkable story about escaping the good life, where she had all the material things but was missing purpose, missing deep joy, and how she discovered her interior mental muscles and how to use them.
The six mental muscles are:
1. Will: Learn to focus on one thing.
2. Memory: Remember the future.
3. Visualize: Make what you want real in your mind first.
4. Intuition: How inspiration finds us and why it matters.
5. Perception: The law of polarity allows us to observe a situation from whichever point of view we choose.
6. Mental Creation: Your mind can create the world you desire.
Sabrina shares how these six mental muscles, working together, can help a person create the reality, community and world that they want to inhabit rather than the options that the world offers us.

Season 5, Episode 2: Recovering from disaster with Jake Fox.

March 9th, 2022

Jake Fox is a semi professional mountain biker who was on a trajectory to making his dreams real when disaster struck and was paralysed in an accident.


A year later, Jake is riding and skiing again in the mountains of British Columbia but has had to rebuild his dreams, his skills and his life.


Rather than embracing self pity or remorse for what could have been, Jake chose gratitude and investing himself in what is possible with what he has. His recovery has surprised doctors and himself.


There is a cliché that we all die, but we don’t all live. Second chances often help us see the world through a refreshingly different lens. In golf, a second try after a failed tee shot is called a ‘mulligan.’ It is the epitomy of grace and forgiveness, of a generous universe.


When you fail, when things fall apart, how have you chosen to try again, to restart, to recover? What are you grateful for in the life you have?


This is an amazing episode with a resilient young man about focusing on what you want rather than the narratives of well-meaning experts and loved ones. What do you want and how will you make it real, despite everything else?


The Kickasspirational YouTube can be found here:


You can find more about Jake Fox and his story on Instagram at:



Season 5, Episode 1: Restarts are ok. You do you.

March 2nd, 2022

Sometimes we need to take a little time off, reset, reload and restart to hit our goals.


Sometimes a not-to-do list is essential in order to focus, to prioritize on what matters most.


In the inaugural episode of Season 5, David Vanderveen explores his own sabbatical from podcasting during a strategic shift in work, moves from California to Florida to Europe and a new culture.


What does Kickasspirational mean in a new place with new people? How does it translate? Why do they care? What comes next?


Following our bliss sometimes means setting important projects aside to tackle a new dragon, forge new adventures and find new stories worth sharing. The hero’s journey isn’t all about campfires and epic poems…we also have to do the work to win.


Kickasspirational is back for a new season. Looking forward to hearing all about your journey, your questions and how you are making the life you want.


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You can find more about David Vanderveen and Kickasspirational on Instagram at:




Season 4 - Episode 2: Radness to the Max with Brian Bent

March 30th, 2021

Brian Bent actively and deliberately creates the world he wants to inhabit. Like filmmakers who are "auteurs" because of how they impact every element of a story told on film, Brian is an auteur for how he has crafted his personal brand story told in real life (including film). 


From his midcentury modern home that he recreated, to the hotrods he builds and races, the boards he builds and rides, the clothing he designs and the paintings he exhibits, Brian has an aesthetic that you know when you see it, touch it, feel it or ride it.

David Vanderveen recently discovered Brian's holistic approach to living a customized life, built by his own hands, when picking up one of Brian's paintings at his home. Experiencing Brian's world, his ethos, his intentional way of living and applying his values deliberately created an impact that David felt needed to be shared on this podcast and as a video podcast with more visual inputs.


The Kickasspirational YouTube can be found here:


You can find more about Brian Bent and his art on Instagram at:


Enjoy the ride Brian's about to take you on and buckle up, because Kickasspirational just went radness to the max!

Season 4, Episode 1: My Abalone Teacher

January 8th, 2021

Welcome to 2021 and hopefully a year that allows us to take advantage of everything we learned in 2020. It has been a year of dramatic changes, difficult lessons and, hopefully, personal transformation. Hopefully this year has been full of learnings for you. 
One big question I had to revisit was something my younger son, Willem asked me recently, "What do you do?" The question was in reference to the new life that my wife, Sarah, aka, Sissi, and I have created living at the Laguna Beach coast in 100-year-old cottages.
This episode is about some of the major changes in my own life in 2020, and how I've been breaking through personal barriers through breath work, meditation/mindfulness, cold water free diving and connecting to abalone in the cove where we live. These practices have redefined what I do and who I am.
In this episode, I mention the James Nestor book, BREATH. Linked below is information about the book and a couple of interviews with the author about the remarkable science around breathing practices.
Also discussed in this episode is one of the best films of 2020: MY OCTOPUS TEACHER by Craig Foster. Below is a link to the trailer (available on Netflix).
What do you do? How will your answer transform your life in 2021? Would love to hear your answers. Whatever you do this week, please #BeKickasspirational 

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