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Season 5, Episode 1: Restarts are ok. You do you.

March 2nd, 2022

Sometimes we need to take a little time off, reset, reload and restart to hit our goals.


Sometimes a not-to-do list is essential in order to focus, to prioritize on what matters most.


In the inaugural episode of Season 5, David Vanderveen explores his own sabbatical from podcasting during a strategic shift in work, moves from California to Florida to Europe and a new culture.


What does Kickasspirational mean in a new place with new people? How does it translate? Why do they care? What comes next?


Following our bliss sometimes means setting important projects aside to tackle a new dragon, forge new adventures and find new stories worth sharing. The hero’s journey isn’t all about campfires and epic poems…we also have to do the work to win.


Kickasspirational is back for a new season. Looking forward to hearing all about your journey, your questions and how you are making the life you want.


The Kickasspirational YouTube can be found here:


You can find more about David Vanderveen and Kickasspirational on Instagram at:




Season 4 - Episode 2: Radness to the Max with Brian Bent

March 30th, 2021

Brian Bent actively and deliberately creates the world he wants to inhabit. Like filmmakers who are "auteurs" because of how they impact every element of a story told on film, Brian is an auteur for how he has crafted his personal brand story told in real life (including film). 


From his midcentury modern home that he recreated, to the hotrods he builds and races, the boards he builds and rides, the clothing he designs and the paintings he exhibits, Brian has an aesthetic that you know when you see it, touch it, feel it or ride it.

David Vanderveen recently discovered Brian's holistic approach to living a customized life, built by his own hands, when picking up one of Brian's paintings at his home. Experiencing Brian's world, his ethos, his intentional way of living and applying his values deliberately created an impact that David felt needed to be shared on this podcast and as a video podcast with more visual inputs.


The Kickasspirational YouTube can be found here:


You can find more about Brian Bent and his art on Instagram at:


Enjoy the ride Brian's about to take you on and buckle up, because Kickasspirational just went radness to the max!

Season 4, Episode 1: My Abalone Teacher

January 8th, 2021

Welcome to 2021 and hopefully a year that allows us to take advantage of everything we learned in 2020. It has been a year of dramatic changes, difficult lessons and, hopefully, personal transformation. Hopefully this year has been full of learnings for you. 
One big question I had to revisit was something my younger son, Willem asked me recently, "What do you do?" The question was in reference to the new life that my wife, Sarah, aka, Sissi, and I have created living at the Laguna Beach coast in 100-year-old cottages.
This episode is about some of the major changes in my own life in 2020, and how I've been breaking through personal barriers through breath work, meditation/mindfulness, cold water free diving and connecting to abalone in the cove where we live. These practices have redefined what I do and who I am.
In this episode, I mention the James Nestor book, BREATH. Linked below is information about the book and a couple of interviews with the author about the remarkable science around breathing practices.
Also discussed in this episode is one of the best films of 2020: MY OCTOPUS TEACHER by Craig Foster. Below is a link to the trailer (available on Netflix).
What do you do? How will your answer transform your life in 2021? Would love to hear your answers. Whatever you do this week, please #BeKickasspirational 

Season 3, Episode 22: Breath Work with Reis Paluso

December 11th, 2020

Reis Paluso is a breath instructor who helps people breathe better and get more control of their bodies and minds through active breathing practices. This year, Reis has pivoted from operating a creative digital agency he co-founded to working full time leading Our Breath Collective ( and doing group and individual breath workshops.
Recently, Reis led a Wim Hof Method outdoor workshop at David & Sarah Vanderveen's home, Cap d' Vantibes, the Laguna Beach Kickasspirational World Headquarters. The results were remarkable. Many of the adventure athletes in attendance felt deep emotional relief, energized and euphoric responses physically, the ability to breath-hold for minutes and 100 percent success being submerged for two minutes in an ice bath.
There are a myriad of breathing practices to help people learn to heal themselves, generate energy, improve athletic performance, manage and release emotions and live healthier lives. If you'd like to dig deeper, consider visiting Our Breath Collective. If you subscribe to the daily breath practices, use the code REIS for a substantial discount.
You can also find Reis as @ReisPaluso on Instagram, Spotify and his website:
Learning to breathe better is a giant leap forward towards breaking through personal barriers in 2021. Give it a listen and start your own practice! #BeKickasspirational 

Season 3, Episode 21: Emotional Intelligence with Noble Gibbens and How EQ Transforms Lives.

December 1st, 2020

Nobel Gibbens has a long history of success in the military, as an entrepreneur and with his family, but something snapped last year. He and his wife, Kathy learned to see, map and understand their own emotional lives which has helped them manage their own trauma, behave differently and be in better, healthier relationships.
Since February, Noble and Kathy have launched EQ for Entrepreneurs, which is really for anyone who wants to dig into their own triggers and feelings, learn to own them and deliberately create the emotional context of their lives. They now have a podcast, eight-week training course and video series that is used by the military, business leaders and is being applied more broadly (link below).
You can also find Noble and Kathy under EQforEntrepreneurs on social media and YouTube. Great discussion that fits with people who are being Kickasspirational in a difficult time and breaking through barriers of their own. #BeKickasspirational 

Season 3, Episode 20: Adventure Sports Icon, Chris Mauro Helps Us Think About Where We Get Our News and How to Pivot.

November 3rd, 2020

Chris Mauro is back for round two!!! He has spent his life entwined with surfing and adventure sports as a top professional athlete, selling the brands, managing surf shops, shaping, writing, editing, filming and producing for the sport as a journalist and an executive within the World Surf League. 
Life is long, and Chris continues to figure out how to deliberately create meaning and happiness in his work through relationships with family, friends and connection to nature, especially via the ocean.
Chris has helped shape and define adventure sports as much as they have defined him. We talk a lot about how to pivot as industries are disrupted, but we also get into big ideas around journalism, how news media shapes our realities and some thoughts on how to vet information in 2020.
Chris' podcast is titled "People Who Surf" and runs a lot deeper than a sport, he helps us understand our souls through adventure, places we visit, the people who inhabit them and our shared humanity. 
Check out "People Who Surf" here:

Season 3, Episode 19: Entrepreneur Adam Mundy from Charlie Todd: How to Start A Side Hustle During COVID, Part 2.

October 6th, 2020

Adam Mundy graduated from Boston University in May 2020 and decided to start a side hustle with his brother while waiting for his international relations career to begin...then COVID hit.
Adam and his brother Andrew co-founded CharlieTodd Goods, where they create fine handmade leather wallets and other goods as well as a remarkable blog and lifestyle website of sounds, images and text at
In this episode, we discuss how and why there hasn't been a better time to start your own side hustle and how Adam and Andrew have created their own productive business by integrating their passions and skills in ways that add value to others to earn value in return.
CharlieTodd can be found below and Kickasspirational listeners get 15% off with the code: Kickass
Adam would love to help you make custom products not found on the site. There is a comments box where you can interact with him and make your concepts real.
Enjoy the ride and break through some barriers of your own this week! Whatever you do, #BeKickasspirational

Season 3, Episode 18: Entrepreneur Lindsey Davidson from LENNY: How to Start a Business and Brand During COVID.

September 10th, 2020

Lindsey Davidson was laid off in March due to COVID and decided to start an apparel business, pursuing her love of fashion in a field where she had experience both selling and creating. Her brand, LENNY  has taken off in a sustainable and scaleable way, leveraging social media, personal connections and manageable capsules that both generate revenue and help define the direction of the business.
It seemed that as COVID lingers, the economy continues to behave in strange ways and employment changes, talking with a young entrepreneur who broke through a barrier in her own life as changed happened to her was a good place to come back after a summer hiatus.
LENNY can be found below, and Kickasspirational listeners get 20% off with the code: LENNY20
(@withlovelenny on Instragram)
Lindsey would love to help you create custom apparel if you're not finding something that works for you in a current capsule. I had her create a shirt/jacket that is incredibly soft but looks like a jean jacket with a navy dye. Let Lindsey help you create a custom piece that's insanely Kickasspirational!
Enjoy the ride and break through some barriers of your own this week! Whatever you do, #BeKickasspirational!!!

Season 3, Episode 17: Philosopher Kelly James Clark: The Subtle and Corrosive Power of Racial Bias.

June 10th, 2020

Kelly James Clark has a PhD from Notre Dame and is an international advocate for interfaith cooperation, focusing on the Abrahamic religions. He is project director for “Abrahamic Reflections on Science and Religion” which brings together 36 scholars from 14 countries to reconcile issues in the fields of science and religion.


In this podcast, we discuss how difficult it can be to see our own bias because, as studies show, bias is subconscious and instinctual. Kelly says his in his recent article (linked below):


"Our biases and fears, those of Republicans and Democrats alike, condone and even encourage our sitting idly by as systemic racism continues unabated. Without admitting our biases and our inaction (Republicans and Democrats alike), we will quickly return to the racist status quo as soon as the protest’s last ember is extinguished.


Or our better self, the one that doesn’t want to accede to blinding bias and is more sensitive to the Light of Love and Justice, can and should tell our biased self that America’s systemic racism must stop now."


We also discuss Kelly's book Strangers, Neighbors, Friends: Muslim-Christian-Jewish Reflections on Compassion and Peace and how bias affects religious views of each other.


Kelly also suggested watching two films, Same God Film and 13th:


Maybe breaking through barriers in our lives requires that we examine our naturally-occurring biases that inform many of our opinions and actions. Kickasspirational isn't a spectator sport. Whatever else you do this week, please, #BeKickasspirational.

Season 3, Episode 16: Perspective. Can we see beyond ourselves, beyond our bias?

May 31st, 2020

This week is an audio monologue that stemmed from a number of conversations and feedback about how important perspective can be to help us be aware of others and not just our own needs.

At the end of this podcast, I read an excerpt from David Foster Wallace's "This Is Water," a commencement address he gave at Kenyon College in 2005 that was published as a small book and can be found on YouTube. it's a short read, and I hope you take the time to read it as well as watch it (below):

Be Kickasspirational.

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