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Season 3 Episode 12 with Super Coffee CEO Jim DeCicco


Jim DeCicco is the oldest of three twenty-something brothers who created Kitu Super Coffee. Jim serves as the CEO for the business and is a part of the RX3 Ventures family (a fund that I’m involved with). This podcast is among my favorites to date for listeners who are interested in figuring out how to launch an idea, and when it might make sense to turn a part-time obsession into a full-time business.


Information on the brothers can be found here:


Jordan, Jake and Jim created Super Coffee while they were in various stages of either being in university of just out. Jim talks about that journey, the value of sports and education as well as the difference between persistence and perseverance (both of which are necessary to succeed). He also how they went from a small start-up to Shark Tank to the hyper growth that they are experiencing today.


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