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Season 3 Episode 13 with Comedian Pete Holmes


Pete Holmes is a creator and comedian who has brought joy to the world through his stand up, podcast (You Made It Weird), television shows (Crashing on HBO), specials and his latest book: Comedy Sex God (that’s a list and not a descriptor of Pete, although many people are saying he is those things). He has a current stand up tour “Silly Silly Fun Boy” that is currently on hold and will resume when safely possible.


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This podcast with Pete dug into the deeper side of Pete—how he was raised, how things fell apart for him and how he rebuilt his life in a way that has been deliberately liberating and an inspiration to many of his fans. Rob Bell (also on the podcast this year) introduced me to Pete, and if you enjoyed Rob’s interview about learning to shift gears and move in new directions, I think you’ll find some common themes in Pete’s life and experiences. Most significant to me is how Pete has developed a deep joy and inclusive love for the world that is marked with wonder and mystery. He dives into all of it and has fun-yet-profound insights that mark him as one of our modern philsopher-as-comedian archetype that I find so compelling.


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