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Season 3 Episode 15 with Hydrant Co-Founders John Sherwin and Jai Jung Kim.


This week we get a bit more technical about entrepreneurship with two under-30 founders, John Sherwin and Jai Kim, about how they’ve been able to create one of the fastest growing hydration start-ups via a direct-to-consumer model that is now getting pulled into strong retail partnerships.



John and Jai, came together to solve the problem of dehydration under the pressures of life. Jai was working long hours and pursuing his MBA, while John had been on the start-up grind in Silicon Valley while using his background in biology from Oxford to try various approaches to defeating his daily dehydration. Collectively, the coffee, energy drinks and gallons of plain water weren’t good enough, so they came up with a better way.

Together, their commitment to creating a better science-driven hydration product is delivering a healthier solution across the country.


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