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Season 3, Episode 17: Philosopher Kelly James Clark: The Subtle and Corrosive Power of Racial Bias.


Kelly James Clark has a PhD from Notre Dame and is an international advocate for interfaith cooperation, focusing on the Abrahamic religions. He is project director for “Abrahamic Reflections on Science and Religion” which brings together 36 scholars from 14 countries to reconcile issues in the fields of science and religion.


In this podcast, we discuss how difficult it can be to see our own bias because, as studies show, bias is subconscious and instinctual. Kelly says his in his recent article (linked below):


"Our biases and fears, those of Republicans and Democrats alike, condone and even encourage our sitting idly by as systemic racism continues unabated. Without admitting our biases and our inaction (Republicans and Democrats alike), we will quickly return to the racist status quo as soon as the protest’s last ember is extinguished.


Or our better self, the one that doesn’t want to accede to blinding bias and is more sensitive to the Light of Love and Justice, can and should tell our biased self that America’s systemic racism must stop now."


We also discuss Kelly's book Strangers, Neighbors, Friends: Muslim-Christian-Jewish Reflections on Compassion and Peace and how bias affects religious views of each other.


Kelly also suggested watching two films, Same God Film and 13th:


Maybe breaking through barriers in our lives requires that we examine our naturally-occurring biases that inform many of our opinions and actions. Kickasspirational isn't a spectator sport. Whatever else you do this week, please, #BeKickasspirational.

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