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Season 3, Episode 19: Entrepreneur Adam Mundy from Charlie Todd: How to Start A Side Hustle During COVID, Part 2.


Adam Mundy graduated from Boston University in May 2020 and decided to start a side hustle with his brother while waiting for his international relations career to begin...then COVID hit.
Adam and his brother Andrew co-founded CharlieTodd Goods, where they create fine handmade leather wallets and other goods as well as a remarkable blog and lifestyle website of sounds, images and text at
In this episode, we discuss how and why there hasn't been a better time to start your own side hustle and how Adam and Andrew have created their own productive business by integrating their passions and skills in ways that add value to others to earn value in return.
CharlieTodd can be found below and Kickasspirational listeners get 15% off with the code: Kickass
Adam would love to help you make custom products not found on the site. There is a comments box where you can interact with him and make your concepts real.
Enjoy the ride and break through some barriers of your own this week! Whatever you do, #BeKickasspirational
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