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Season 3, Episode 20: Adventure Sports Icon, Chris Mauro Helps Us Think About Where We Get Our News and How to Pivot.


Chris Mauro is back for round two!!! He has spent his life entwined with surfing and adventure sports as a top professional athlete, selling the brands, managing surf shops, shaping, writing, editing, filming and producing for the sport as a journalist and an executive within the World Surf League. 
Life is long, and Chris continues to figure out how to deliberately create meaning and happiness in his work through relationships with family, friends and connection to nature, especially via the ocean.
Chris has helped shape and define adventure sports as much as they have defined him. We talk a lot about how to pivot as industries are disrupted, but we also get into big ideas around journalism, how news media shapes our realities and some thoughts on how to vet information in 2020.
Chris' podcast is titled "People Who Surf" and runs a lot deeper than a sport, he helps us understand our souls through adventure, places we visit, the people who inhabit them and our shared humanity. 
Check out "People Who Surf" here:
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