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Season 3, Episode 22: Breath Work with Reis Paluso


Reis Paluso is a breath instructor who helps people breathe better and get more control of their bodies and minds through active breathing practices. This year, Reis has pivoted from operating a creative digital agency he co-founded to working full time leading Our Breath Collective ( and doing group and individual breath workshops.
Recently, Reis led a Wim Hof Method outdoor workshop at David & Sarah Vanderveen's home, Cap d' Vantibes, the Laguna Beach Kickasspirational World Headquarters. The results were remarkable. Many of the adventure athletes in attendance felt deep emotional relief, energized and euphoric responses physically, the ability to breath-hold for minutes and 100 percent success being submerged for two minutes in an ice bath.
There are a myriad of breathing practices to help people learn to heal themselves, generate energy, improve athletic performance, manage and release emotions and live healthier lives. If you'd like to dig deeper, consider visiting Our Breath Collective. If you subscribe to the daily breath practices, use the code REIS for a substantial discount.
You can also find Reis as @ReisPaluso on Instagram, Spotify and his website:
Learning to breathe better is a giant leap forward towards breaking through personal barriers in 2021. Give it a listen and start your own practice! #BeKickasspirational 
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