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Season 3 - Episode 8 - Aubrey Marcus


This COVID-19 crisis is awful. Let’s start there. Given that, what will we do?


Aubrey Marcus is a pioneer of what he calls Total Human Optimization. He has been breaking through the thin veneers of civilization, the constructs that hold many of us back and has written, podcasted and created a $70 million lifestyle company based on his philosophy that provides supplements, fitness equipment, foods and apparel.


This podcast was done remotely on Zoom and we had a little technical difficulty at the beginning that we address later in the episode. We lived the mantra of “failing forward” of “don’t worry, be crappy” and got this out regardless. Maybe it turned out a little better because of it.


If you’re struggling to break through barriers yourself, struggling to deal with the current zeitgeist of fear, uncertainty and doubt and wondering what you can do right now, today, this podcast will belp.


Aubrey Marcus has a website that links to his creative world at:


Aubrey’s company, Onnit and the products we discussed can be found here:


If you’d like to find out more about Noni by NewAge products, we have a special offer for our immunity bundle: Tahitian Noni Juice and Cell Defense (normally $120 with shipping and handling) for $40 at:


The Kickasspirational website is:

David Vanderveen can be found here:

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