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Season 4, Episode 1: My Abalone Teacher


Welcome to 2021 and hopefully a year that allows us to take advantage of everything we learned in 2020. It has been a year of dramatic changes, difficult lessons and, hopefully, personal transformation. Hopefully this year has been full of learnings for you. 
One big question I had to revisit was something my younger son, Willem asked me recently, "What do you do?" The question was in reference to the new life that my wife, Sarah, aka, Sissi, and I have created living at the Laguna Beach coast in 100-year-old cottages.
This episode is about some of the major changes in my own life in 2020, and how I've been breaking through personal barriers through breath work, meditation/mindfulness, cold water free diving and connecting to abalone in the cove where we live. These practices have redefined what I do and who I am.
In this episode, I mention the James Nestor book, BREATH. Linked below is information about the book and a couple of interviews with the author about the remarkable science around breathing practices.
Also discussed in this episode is one of the best films of 2020: MY OCTOPUS TEACHER by Craig Foster. Below is a link to the trailer (available on Netflix).
What do you do? How will your answer transform your life in 2021? Would love to hear your answers. Whatever you do this week, please #BeKickasspirational 
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